HNanalytics was founded in 2019 in response to a poor dining experience our founder, Neil Bronfin, had at the Chicago airport. After experiencing a miserable airport dining experience at the hands of a well known QSR chain (a brand controlled by his former employer), he felt compelled to let his former-colleagues know that the franchisee running their airport locations was doing severe damage to the brand through their consistently pitiful performance.


On the flight back to the bay, Neil built an algorithm which pulled reviews from popular websites such as yelp and google, and discovered this brand’s restaurants in airports were around 2 star lowers across all platforms than restaurants within 25 miles of those airports! Happy to have some hard evidence to validate his thesis, he sent his analysis to a friend still working for BK.


The response to the email was astonishing. The former colleague was not surprised by the analysis results (it was well known this franchisee was performing poorly); but that they had been asking their data vendor to provide this sort of data for months, and they had been unable to provide it. The fact that a data vendor being paid upwards of $100K a year could not provide something that could be completed within a Southwest flight was a glaring sign that the restaurant industry was not being served by the data community.


Since that day, we have grown to serve over half a dozen brands which account for over 20,000 retail outlets. If you are an operator of a business that is reviewed online by customers, we would love to partner with you to see how we can help your business.

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