How does HNanalytics offer a better service at a fraction of our competitors cost?

We focus on your needs, not our next platform.

In Aug. 2018, Uber reported that they had lost 5.2 billion dollars in a single quarter despite their main business being profitable. Stories like this are the norm for technology companies, as most dedicate inordinate resources towards creating the “next big thing” such as flying cars, rather then focus on their core business. Our sole focus is to be able to provide franchised business complete visibility into their operations through harnessing data from customer reviews, and every dollar you spend go towards funding that effort.

We develop for an industry we know.

All HNanalytics main engineers have deep experience in retail and reporting, thus eliminating the need for product managers, product researchers, product designers, and the many other support functions that are usually required to tell the engineers what it is they need to build. Our teams are 80% smaller than the typical product team because we already know what we are doing.

We don’t act like we are google.

As one of the oldest and largest pure software companies in the bay area, the culture set by google has for better or worse been accepted as the norm across tech companies. This culture includes unlimited paid vacation, unlimited free meals, nap time during the workday, free yoga classes, etc. At HNanalytics, shun all frivolous expenses and aim to operate our data service with the same level of discipline and accountability required of a restaurant owner.

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